Our church has been established to be a warm, contemporary congregation which is devoted to the Scriptures and sensitive to the lessons of the great spiritual awakenings of the past.

We are distinctive for our devotion to the ideals below.

Bible-Based Teaching

Deep acquaintance with the Bible as our spiritual lifeline to God, as well as deep prayer lives for communion with God and effectiveness in His service.


Spirit-fullness through faith and yieldedness, believing that every Christian may experience Spirit-fullness at the moment he fully surrenders every part of his life to Christ and that his filling with God’s Spirit continues until some known sin arises to quench His work.

Faithful Service

Actively showing our faith to unbelievers and inviting them to our services, programs and special events, as well as sending our own young people to foreign mission fields with one quarter of their support coming from our own church.


Warm and meaningful public worship, including heart-felt singing of traditional church music which has been a proven “carrier” of revival in the past, along with the best contemporary selections, always presented in a style of joy, modesty and dignity.


Christian fellowship and community, seeing lives truly changed by the Holy Spirit to become kind and affectionate, including maintaining truly Christian homes in which parents love one another until parted by death and nurture their children in Christ.


Removing distinctions between clergy and laity for the maximum involvement of all members, believing that the congregation owns the various ministries of our church and that various “point men” for each kind of ministry serve as “pastors” for their parts of the total ministry, serving as the real lifeblood of our ministry.

Conservative Christianity with a Spirit of Grace

True to the word of God where others have flinched, and being true to New Testament grace where others have added man-made rules, casting ourselves upon a Spirit-directed Christianity, fostering a spiritual sensitivity among our people and a determination to “think no evil” of others who claim to have a different leading of God for themselves in matters which are not specifically regulated by the Scripture.